Where To Spend New Year’s Eve In Europe


If you’re looking to shake up your usual New Year’s Eve celebrations then why not consider welcoming in the New Year somewhere in Europe? Throughout Europe, people celebrate the coming of a New Year in similar ways (great food and drink, amazing fireworks displays, music, dancing and parties), yet every destination has its own traditions and adds its own twist. A new backdrop for this annual extravaganza may be just the thing you need to make the end of your year truly unforgettable.

The continent is full of grand plazas and historic squares in which you can count down to midnight and wave farewell to another year. Our list of the top New Year’s Eve destinations might be just the inspiration you need to try something a little more exotic for greeting the year to come. Just be sure to apply for (or renew) you European Health Insurance Card before you go!


There are few cities that add sophistication and glamour to their New Year’s celebrations like Vienna do. The Austrian capital celebrates from approximately 2pm on the 31st December to 2am the next day and, although there is less of an emphasis on alcohol, there is certainly an endless amount of food and culture. Whether you chose to take part in street celebrations in the town centre surrounded by market stalls and fairy lights or attend a glamorous ball to dance the night away, you are guaranteed a spectacular night filled with fun.


The Hungarian capital of Budapest is the place to go if you’re looking to spend your time dancing under night skies filled with fireworks and sipping on endless glasses of champagne. The locals of Budapest love New Year’s Eve so much they make their celebrations last 3 days, starting on the 30th December. When you’ve had your fill of the city’s fabulous live music and are possibly feeling a little worse for wear on the 1st, why not chow down on the local delicacy made from pig’s feet, which is supposedly the ultimate hangover cure!


Although Reykjavik has no official fireworks show, their rather relaxed laws when it comes to pyrotechnics means locals are not shy when it comes to setting up their own displays- approximately 500 tons of fireworks take to the sky over New Year’s Eve so rest assured you are unlikely to miss out! A its traditional during this time of year is to gather around a bonfire to sing, dance and let the flames engulf anything negative that took place in the previous year. With the added possibility of seeing the Northern Lights during New Year’s Eve, this has to be one of the most unique places to spend New Year’s Eve night!


Madrid is no different when it comes to the rest of Europe in that it welcomes in the New Year with family dinners, drinks and lots of dancing being common place throughout the town. What really separates the Spanish capital has to be the tradition of eating 12 grapes at midnight, one for each month of the year in the hopes of bringing prosperity and luck for the New Year. It’s also only after the countdown ends that the party really starts in Madrid, with the town’s bars, clubs and discotheques fill up with energetic locals and tourists alike. The night often ends with snacking on some traditional churros and chocolate- what’s not to love?

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