Things To Do In Bucharest


If you’re looking for somewhere different to go on your holiday this year then consider a Romanian getaway where a bicycle can provide you the speediest form of transport and the friendly locals will offer you free shots of their home-made hooch. Romania is a country of sturdy peaks, alpine plateaux, vast coastal wetlands and primeval woods that are the home to bears, wolves and lynxes. Capital, Bucharest can provide the ultimate city break for relaxation and enjoyment. So remember to renew your EHIC card and book your tickets before reading about some of the top things to do in Bucharest.

Palace of Parliament

After the Pentagon the Palace of Parliament is the world’s second largest building and the most infamous creation of former dictator Nicolae Ceauşescu. The building has more than 3000 rooms, covers over 330,000 square feet and remains unfinished since 1984. Two types of guided tour are available, the standard tour and the complete tour, both take 45-60 minutes. The complete tour includes a view of the terrace and the basement. The building currently houses the parliament and entry to the building is by guided tour only. It is highly advisable to book ahead and make sure you bring your passport as they are very hot on checking ID’s.

National History Museum

This museum is home to an excellent collection of maps, statues and ancient jewels as well as a replica of 2nd Century Trajan’s Column as part of the country’s strong ties to ancient Rome. Although, perhaps the most famous piece isn’t inside, but is the controversial statue of Emperor Trajan standing naked while holding a Dacian wolf on the steps outside of the museum. You can’t miss it.

FC Steaua București

The most popular and most successful football club in all of Romania and, if you’re around during a home game, it is well worth visiting a match for even the most casual football fan for the atmosphere alone. The side are set to face Manchester City in a Champions League qualifier over two legs so expect a large number of sky-blue Mancunians to descend on the nations capital.

Grădina Verona

Hidden behind the Cărtureşti bookshop lays a garden oasis that serves some excellent espresso drinks and some of the wackiest iced-tea infusions ever concocted in Romania including peony flower, mango and lime.  With a range of big-plate genuine Romanian dishes the Café Verona may be the place for you to enjoy your ultimate Eastern European getaway.

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