The top 3 European lakes

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Berlin, Paris, Rome – check! Copenhagen, Lisbon, Barcelona – check! You’ve now built up an impressive collection of European city breaks, but you yearn for more. As much as you love the hustle and bustle of exploring a city, a more relaxing break appeals. So why not explore all the wonderful and picturesque lakeside retreats that Europe has to offer?

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Lake Garda

Situated in northern Italy between Milan and Venice, Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy, scaling an area of 370 km2. It is a popular holiday destination and could be the perfect way to start your lakeside adventure with plenty of accommodation, activities (including hiring boats) and easy access from airports in nearby Verona and Brescia. Of course, this is not forgetting the truly spectacular views of this alpine region.

Lake Bled

Heading into neighbouring Slovenia, the second lake on this list is Lake Bled. Located in the north west of the country, Lake Bled spans an area of 1.45 km2 and is only 35 km from the airport in the capital city of Ljubljana. With an impressive vista of the Julian Alps in the background, Lake Bled surrounds Bled Island, which is home to a distinctive looking church. It offers a quieter but equally as relaxing and stunning alternative to Lake Garda.

Lake Annecy

Lake Annecy is the third largest lake in France and can be found in the east of the country near the city of Lyon and the Swiss border. Surrounded by a cluster of mountains, it covers an area of 27.59 km2 and is known as the cleanest lake in Europe. So if you’re into your swimming and watersports, Lake Annecy is definitely the destination for you.

With fantastic views, fun activities and intriguing neighbouring towns and cities, any of these lakes would make an excellent choice for a short or long retreat. However, before you set sail or take the plunge apply for your EHIC today with assistance from our helpful and friendly staff. If you have any questions in the meantime, visit our FAQs page.

Photo: Lake Bled by amandabhslater licensed under Creative commons 2

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