The Local Delights of Lisbon


The impressive capital of Portugal is encompassed by the pastel-coloured buildings of the old city along with the Tagas Estuary and Ponte 25 de Abril suspension bridge. The city has a charm of days gone by with cobblestone pavements and is best explored by foot or tram. You will fall in love with the narrow, winding streets of the Moorish Alfama area that can lead you to secret old taverns with live music. Bairro Alto adjoins the cafés, shopping centres and seafood restaurants, it is also best-known for its thriving nightlife.

In Lisbon the sun shines 290 days of the year (how do you like those odds?) and the temperature rarely drops below 15°C so you can plan your visit at any time of the year. The city is beautiful all day and night and is perfect for aimless wandering around at your own leisure.
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Rua Augusta Arch

First opening to the public in 2013, the Arch is one of Europe’s more recent attractions. Climb to the top of the iconic building for a truly unique 360° view of the city below your feet. The impressive arch has always impressed the pedestrians and tourists of the busy city centre and now the top of the unique structure is open to the public. At the top you will find the sculptures by Célestin Anatole Calmels of Glory crowning Genius Valour. There is also a historical exhibition located in the Clock Room.

National Coach Museum

Step inside this unique museum that is the home to a collection of coaches, berlins, sedan chairs and carriages from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Originally created by Queen D. Amélia of Orleães and Bragança with the intention of storing and preserving her collection of vehicles, it wasn’t opened as a museum to the public until much later. The new building was designed by Brazilian architect Paulo Mendes de Rocha and the building itself is almost as stunning as the wonderful collection of vehicles inside.

Sintra Myths and Legends

The largest tourist attraction in Lisbon is a fully interactive centre within Sintra’s historic quarter. Learn about the mysticism and secrets of the romantic old town through set pieces that use multimedia and sensory techniques where reality and fiction intertwine. A project team combined of top architects, set designers, scriptwriters, historians and specialists made this dream a reality for many visitors to enjoy.

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