The holiday essentials we all forget to pack

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No matter how long your holiday has been in the planning, the vast majority of us have a bad habit of leaving packing until the very last moment. However organised you might think you are, there are certain items you almost always seem to forget to pack in that last minute dash to zip up the case and get to the airport. Here are a few holiday essentials you might want to add to your tick-list if you don’t want to be caught out on your next trip to Europe.

Plug adaptors

We’ve all been caught out by funny European plug sockets. You’ve been smart enough to remember the phone charger but you forgot the adaptor – and a charger isn’t much good without the right socket!

Bottle opener

Sitting in your hotel room with a bottle of nice cold beer and realising you have no way of getting into it is a sure fire way to spoil a pleasant evening.

EHIC cards

Nobody likes to think something could go wrong when they’re enjoying a relaxing break, but forgetting your European Health Insurance Card could spell disaster. Make sure you renew yours ( and, more importantly, make sure you stick it in your wallet before you go.


Fresh off the plane from the grey-skied UK, how often have you been dazzled and suddenly realise you left your sunglasses behind on the bedside table? Almost every holiday we end up buying a new pair, but we never seem to learn…

An umbrella

You never think it’s going to rain on holiday, but even those lovely sunny climes sometimes get the odd tropical downpour – and when it rains in a hot climate, it really does rain. Be prepared!

A belt

Some of the clothes you pack probably haven’t seen the light of day since your last European holiday. It’s a pleasant and gratifying surprise to find they’re a little looser than they were last year, but not if you have nothing to hold them up!

So, wherever you’re jetting off to in the next few weeks, remember to write yourself a checklist of holiday essentials and add these to the list. Don’t get caught out – get organised, and get packing early!

Photo: Sunglasses by BatgirlBob licensed under Creative commons 2

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