Super sunsets across Europe

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Summer is well and truly here, and it’s the best time of year to soak up some sun in some of the most breathtaking places in Europe. Of course, you’ll want to go somewhere you can make the most of the summer sunshine, but how about watching that same sun as it disappears over the horizon at the end of a beautiful, relaxing day at your holiday destination? We’ve rounded up some of our favourite European sunset spotting sites, so why not jet off and enjoy one of Mother Nature’s most glorious spectacles?

Sagres, Portugal

At the most South-Westerly point of Europe, head for the cliff tops to mingle with other sunset spotters taking in the sights. With strong connections to Portugal’s Age of Discovery, there’s plenty of history to keep you busy during the day.

Ile de Re, France

This is such a glorious sight that many of the scenes from 1962’s war epic “The Longest Day”, which detailed the D-Day landings, were filmed here. Head over to St Clement des Baleins’ beach “Plage de la Conche”, and walk through the woody sand dunes. You’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous view over the Atlantic.

Grebbestad, Sweden

Near the southern tip of Sweden, you’ll find the small town of Grebbestad. Its population increases ten-fold during the summer, as tourists flock in from to try the world famous oysters and lobster, and, of course, watch the sunset.

Žuljana, Croatia

Don’t forget the Balkans. Žuljana, a small village which can be found on the Pelješac peninsula about half way between Dubrovnik and Split, offers a purple sunset which will amaze even the hardiest traveller.

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Photo: Sunset? by Bryan Pocius licensed under Creative commons 2

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