Strolling Through Sicily


Located near the toe of the Italian boot lies Sicily, the largest Mediterranean island that is rich in history.  Stroll through the Valley of the Temples, the ruins of seven Doric-style temples that are well preserved. The villages of the area are wonderfully whitewashed and the picturesque views are stunning and breathtaking. If you’re planning on booking a holiday to Sicily in the near future then remember to apply for your E111 so you’ll be entitled to free or reduced cost healthcare should you require medical attention while on holiday.

Spiaggia dei Conigli

A trip to Sicily wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon relaxing on the beach with perfect white sand and crystal clear water. Whether you enjoy swimming, paddling, snorkelling, building sandcastles or just lying down with a good book, Spiaggia dei Conigli is an untouched natural paradise. Take your camera as you’ll want to capture the panoramic views and save them for the rest of your life. On a cool evening the beach is perfect for a romantic stroll as you enjoy the sunset.

Valley of the Temples

Or Valle dei Templi, if you’re local to the area. A region deep in archaeological history with many classic temples including Hera, Lacinia, Concordia, Heracles and Zeus are all lined across the rugged terrain in a dramatic fashion. Book in advance and go early in the day to avoid crowds, especially in the summer season when tourism is at its peak. You can see the entire village below from the top of the hill and with a combined ticket you can also visit the gardens and the museum just next to the main site.

Tonnara Florio Favignana

Take a tour of an original tuna factory (now converted into a museum) that made the island its fortune and learn about the culture and traditions of the area throughout two centuries of the industry. Many of their original tools are still on display and your guide will make you feel like part of the story. Standard tours are in Italian but you can arrange an English speaking tour if you book ahead.

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