Six things not to be missed in beautiful Budapest

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Quite rightly described as the most beautiful city in Europe, Budapest has plenty to offer its visitors.

Here are the top six things not to be missed during a trip to the Hungarian capital:

1. Fisherman’s Bastion

This magnificent terrace overlooks the Danube river and offers a sublime view of the Parliament buildings. In the day it’s a bright and bustling area that offers a sense of tranquility. As the sun goes down, the lights of the terrace bars dance in the moonlight like fireflies, offering the most romantic atmosphere in the city.

2. Pinball Museum

A little off the beaten track, this underground museum is a real find. A reasonable entrance fee gives you the opportunity to play on pinball machines and other arcade games from across the decade. From video shoot ‘em ups to a shooting range game from 1925, there’s a whole world of fun waiting for you below Budapest’s streets.

3. Thermal baths

There are several large thermal baths in the city offering guests the healing and relaxing power of the city’s natural thermal spas. The baths are housed in large, beautiful buildings and most also include outdoor pools, saunas and even wave pools.

4. Parliament buildings

Like many buildings in Budapest, the parliament buildings are even more spectacular in the evening than they are in the day. With domineering domes and spires covered with ornate stone work, it’s difficult not to feel in awe of this building. In the evening, its accents are lit by the glow of electric light and birds flutter freely in the lamplight.

5. Breakfast at the New York Café

This building’s history and links with the city’s literati are almost as impressive as its architecture and design. Inspired by Italian design and boasting several ceiling frescoes dating back to 1800, the café and hotel have a feel of opulence, elegance and majesty that just take your breath away.

6. Shoes on the Danube

A moving and thought-inspiring art installation, the selection of iron shoes that stand alongside the Danube are a memorial to those killed by militiamen in Budapest during the second world war.

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Photo: Hungary-2605 - Hungarian Parliament Building by archer10 (Dennis) 80M Views licensed under Creative commons 2

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