Party Time In Ibiza


Among the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Spain, lies Ibiza. Although it may be best known for its buzzing nightlife, Ibiza is also the home of beaches, yoga retreats and quiet villages. The beautiful Platja d’en Bossa is lined with shops, bars and hotels along the way to calmer sandy coves and pine-clad hills all around the coast.

Ibiza is well renowned as the party capital of Europe and while you will naturally want to have the best time possible, remember the importance of staying safe. It is important to renew your E111, hopefully you will never need it but it will be your best friend should you require medical treatment while you are visiting.

Castle Of Ibiza

The walk to the top will be a test for your stamina but the views of the marina and the Citadel of Evissa Town waiting for you at the top are a bigger reward than you could ever have hoped for. Overall, this is a fantastic way to spend an afternoon, full of historical knowledge to be soaked up, and once you’ve walked all the way up and back down you will have earned yourself a generous reward that evening.

Ibiza Horse Valley

The Ibiza Horse Valley is a sanctuary that rescues mistreated horses and rehabilitate them in a natural herd and they are now the place to go for pleasurable rides through Northern Ibiza. In this utopia you can combine horse-riding and swimming with horses along with scuba-diving, spa treatments yoga and even weddings on horseback.

Es Vedrá

Located in the south-west of Ibiza, lies the mystical rocky islet of Es Vedrá. Many fishermen have claimed to see mermaid-like figures moving through the waters, under their boats and attracting their attention. Also, numerous locals and tourists say they witnessed inexplicable lights coming in and out of the nearby waters. Water stories you may hear about Es Vedrá, they are always positive and the island has long been considered a place of spiritual healing and inspirational energy. The best place to experience the enigmatic magic of the islet is from the rocky bay of Atlantis.

Dalt Villa

Many tourists claim that Dalt Villa is the best part of town with a number of top restaurants, not too manic but buzzing with life. From the heart of the Villa you will find that the top clubs like Gave Mx, Formentera and Playa d’en Bossa are easily accessible.

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