Maximising Your Time In Majorca


The likes of Chopin and Miró were heavily inspired by this dreamy little island and now you can be too. With particularly warm weather all year round, Majorca is the ideal destination for exploring and lounging about on the beach. Majorca is perfect if you have a younger family as there are a number of dolphin and sea lion shows that are bound to enthral your little ones. When making your travel plans remember to apply for your EHIC card renewal. Once you’ve been approved, your card will entitle you to exemption from any hefty medical bills should you require healthcare while on holiday.

Cap de Formentor                                                              

Some of the most stunning views on the island are to be found along the eastern end of the Formentor peninsula. These rugged cliffs are 384 metres above sea level and are reachable after a beautiful, if hilly, drive. The lighthouse at the edge of the cliff is without question the pièce de résistance and is the ultimate spot to enjoy the very best views. There is also a small café near the base of the lighthouse if you need the chance to catch your breath with a few refreshments.

Ferrocarril de Soller

An absolute treat for locomotive enthusiasts of all ages, the Ferrocarril de Soller is an antique train that runs the 17 mile journey between Palma and Soller. Soller railway has been operating a daily train service without interruption ever since 1912 and it’s as popular now as it ever was. The rickety noises of the wooden carriages making their way down the track will make you fall in love with classic transport all over again and there are plenty of photo opportunities with the miles of beautiful scenery you will pass throughout the journey.

Jungle Parc

Experience an adrenaline rush like never before among the only acrobatic tree circuit on the Balearic islands. Located in the forest of Santa Ponsa (which spans more than 9 hectares), you will need to navigate your way across more than 100 different platforms using bridges, vines, ropes and zip wires. For the little ones there is a Pirates Circuit (suitable for ages 4 and up) which isn’t as daunting or scary, but still a whole lot of fun.

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