How to plan your Europe trip

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There’s plenty to do when planning a holiday, so it’s important to begin your preparation early on to minimise the chance of anything going wrong, because the last thing anyone wants is to be frantically running around at the last minute trying to get something sorted.

Apart from the basics such as making sure your passport is in date and you have your toothbrush packed, there are a number of things you should do in advance so that you don’t have any pre-holiday hiccups. Here’s how to plan for your European adventure.

Choose the right destination

Before you jump into choosing the place you’ll visit, ensure that you’ve looked at everything all of the major European cities have to offer so you are certain you’re visiting the place that’s right for you. It’s also important to make sure you’ll have enough time to visit everything the place has to offer in the time you’re there. For example, you have little chance of taking in all of London or Paris in just a day or two.

Book time off work

The moment you’ve decided you need a break, you should book dates off with your boss before booking the holiday. You don’t want to book a break only to find that the company can’t afford to lose you on those dates.

European Health Insurance Card

So many people are hit with bills when requiring medical help abroad. Plan ahead and apply for your European Health Insurance Card in advance, so that you’re entitled to free healthcare while on holiday. It’s better to be safe than sorry after all, so remember to apply.


A lot of us have been guilty of overspending in the first few days of a holiday and then having to hold back and take it easy during the last few. Eliminate the chance of any financial problems by budgeting for each day you’ll be away. Check the prices of food and drink, public transportation and tourist attractions that are on your bucket list before you go. Once you’ve worked out how much you’ll need each day, add a bit extra on for emergencies – or treats!

Photo: Eiffel Tower wearing Europe colors by pterjan licensed under Creative commons 2

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