Europe’s most popular nations for tourists

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Europe is a perfect destination for adventure lovers, with some of the most epic and most sought after tour destinations in the world situated on the continent. Some European countries contain several popular attractions and tend to receive more attention from visitors. Here are five of the most visited nations in Europe, according to Traveler’s Digest.


The cities of St Petersburg and Moscow contain thrilling architecture and plenty of culture. The weather’s not too bad in summer, either.


Turkey is known for being the place where east meets west, with more than 30 million visitors recorded annually. An excursion to the capital Istanbul, formerly known as Constantinople, is not complete without visiting the Hagia Sophia, the former church and mosque. It is now a museum, where most of Turkey’s history is stored.


Paris, France’s capital, is an renowned tourist destination, experiencing the arrivals of over 13 million visitors every single year. The iconic Eiffel Tower is a must-see, while the Louvre houses some of the world’s most famous paintings. Further afield, Bordeaux, Lyon, Cannes and Nice are also tourist hotspots, promising lovely weather for much of the year and unmatched culture.


The canals of Venice are among the most romantic sights on the planet, with Saint Peter’s Square the hub of activity in the city. The Renaissance city of Florence is a must-visit for its architecture, museums, and Italian cuisine, while the northern rivals Milan and Turin are hubs of fashion and industry. Don’t forget Rome, and the enclave of Vatican City, the central hub of world Christendom.


Brits are well-versed in the attractions of Madrid, Barcelona and Bilbao on the mainland and the islands of Menorca, Tenerife and Ibiza, so why not take a visit to Granada, the city of the Moors, with its distinctive Alhambra?

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Photo: Turkey-3019 - Hagia Sophia by archer10 (Dennis) (77M Views) licensed under Creative commons 2

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