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E111 Renewal Online Application From

The European Health Insurance Card, which replaced the E111 card, allows you access to free or low-cost medical treatment in a number of countries across Europe.

Making an E111 renewal is a simple process. There is a short E111 form on this website – fill it in, and our expert auditors will check through your application and ensure all the information you’ve given to us is correct. They have years of experience and know what’s required.

We’ll confirm everything with you. Then, we’ll take your information and make an application for an E111 card renewal for you. We use our experience of the process to ensure you get the best chance possible to make a successful and speedy application.

What happens the next time your E111 renewal is due? Our service also means we can notify you before your card expires – ensuring you can get your E111 renewal form filled in and another application can be lodged. That way, you won’t be left without an EHIC card and its benefits at any time you want to take a holiday or business trip to a European country.

Knowing how the system works has advantages for our clients. We make the process as simple as possible for you, and we work to help you even if you’ve lost your EHIC card.

If you already have an EHIC card and time is running out on it, or you’re applying for the first time, you can apply online or on the phone. You can go to the NHS online and renew there, call the NHS on the phone and make your renewal that way, send an email to the NHS for an EHIC renewal, or you can go through an audit and submission site like ours.

Our administration fee is £35. While you can file an online application free via the NHS, here’s what you get for the small fee:

• An online EHIC application
• Your application is multilingual
• Support – 24 hours a day
• Verification of your application
• Notification your EHIC renewal is about to expire

Because we help your application to be correct, we can save you time. You won’t have to deal with returned forms and delays because details are wrong or not completed. Your trip won’t be overshadowed by the worry your paperwork isn’t in order.

We provide you with all the information you need to know everything’s on track. You’ll be able to contact us at any time, 24 hours a day, to see how your application is progressing.

It’s easy to forget when paperwork needs updating. Let us take the strain. We’ll also set up a reminder to make sure you’ll never miss the renewal of your E111 card renewal again.

We ensure a hassle-free service. We know you’re busy. It’s one less thing for you to worry about!

The importance of E111 card renewal

Some pieces of paperwork are too important to be ignored. Emergencies and accidents happen when and where we least expect them, so it’s vital you have adequate health cover when you travel in Europe.

The EHIC card, the replacement for the E111 renewal card, gives you a basic level of medical coverage but cannot replace your travel insurance. It is valid in 31 countries across Europe outside the United Kingdom.

The level of medical cover you receive depends on the country you’re visiting. You may need to subsidise all or part of your treatment, so it’s important to be organised and to check what the rules are for each country before you visit.

It’s recommended that each person in your holiday or business party has travel insurance, and each person must have their own E111 card. You cannot claim on a friend or relative’s card, even if yours is lost. You must also ensure each child has their own card if you’re travelling with your family. Children cannot be treated on a grandparent or parent’s card.

You may still have some questions about the process. Need more information about the E111 form or EHIC renewal? Please fell free to visit our FAQs page or talk to one of our friendly staff.

Getting all your paperwork in order before you go is the sensible thing to do. Don’t let your dream holiday turn into a disaster. Get peace of mind for your business trip. Fill in our E111 renewal form today.

Get started today, with our quick and simple online application...