All The Colours Of Copenhagen


Copenhagen is commonly referred to as the ‘City of Spires’ is one of the first Viking finishing villages in Europe, known for its beautiful waterfronts and colourful, classical architecture. This lively Danish capital is quickly becoming one of the must-visit destinations in Europe and for good reason too- the capital’s food, drink and culture has a vibe that is so unique and funky that you are unlikely to see it be compared with anywhere else in the world.

In just over eight centuries, Copenhagen has withstood the trauma of two raging fires, a round of the plague, flooding and numerous sieges, adding to its hardy and powerful presence that you can’t help but feel echoing through its streets. Copenhagen is also part of the European Union and means that not only go us Brits not need a visa to visit, but those you attain an EHIC card prior to their travels are entitled to receive free or significantly discounted healthcare. If you’re not sold on the wonder of Copenhagen yet, then read on and we guarantee you will be hard-pressed not to be Googling flights by the time you finish reading…

A Love Affair with Bicycles

Copenhageners love their bicycles and more than half of the city’s residents commute by bike along Copenhagen’s 250 miles of bike lanes. Just recently the city also opened a cycling super highway that connects Copenhagen with the nearby suburb of Albertslund. If you’re thinking of visiting and bringing your car with you, it may be best to reconsider as valuable parking space if hard to come by as the squares as jam packed full of bicycles!

Squeaky Clean Waterways

The water around Copenhagen Harbour is so clean that you can actually swim in it if you want to! City officials decided to clean up the city’s waterways a decade or two ago and now there are several swimming holes near the centre of town. You couldn’t boast the same about the Thames now, could you?

It’s A Beer Haven

Copenhagen is home to the impressive brewing museum and largest collection of unopened beer bottles in the walls of the Carlsberg Brewery. Danish engineer Leif Sonne began collection beer bottles in 1968 and then transferred his stash to Carlsberg in 1993 after it outgrew his humble home. You too can now view his 20,000 strong beer bottle collection for yourself.

They Have A 10 Mile Long Bridge

In 2000, engineers completed a 10 mile long Oresund Bridge that now connects Copenhagen to Malmo in Sweden. Each year you will find thousands of railways passengers and more than 6 million vehicles make the journey on the elevated bridge, across the artificial island of Pebrholm and then down into the Drogden Tunnel for the last stretch of the journey.

You Can Try A 20-Course Meal

Copenhagen is home to Noma, a restaurant that has been rated as the world’s best for four out of the last six years and is where you can try their 20 course meal menu! The heads chef here has helped to pioneer the face of ‘new Nordic’ cuisine and his menu features popular dishes such as hay-smoked quail eggs and sea urchin with hazelnuts.

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