A Look At Luxembourg


Luxembourg is a mere stone’s throw from Amsterdam (4 hours by car to be precise) and is the perfect choice for those of us in need of a quick break from the hum drum of daily life. Sandwiched between Germany, Belgium and France, Luxembourg is the capital of one of the smallest European nations baring the same name. Its fame derives from its abundance of medieval fortification ruins and beautiful surrounding landscape due to the city being carved amid gorges formed by the Alzette and Petrusse rivers.

Luxembourg is certainly a cornucopia of culture, with its teeny 100,000 population stemming from an impressive 150 nations. As many international bankers and European civil servants will know already. Luxembourg is as multicultural as it is multilingual, making it a welcome destination for tourists from around the world. The city’s nickname, ‘green heart of Europe’, makes it a wonderfully clean and environmentally friendly place to retreat to when looking for somewhere new to explore in the vicinity of Europe. Why not explore all that this friendly little country has to offer?

Be sure to make an EHIC card top of your list when packing for Luxembourg as it will entitle you to free or heavily discounted healthcare should you require any medical assistance within Europe. Valid for 5 years, the EHIC could be the best investment you make this year! That being said, here is our pick of the coolest things to see and do in when in Luxembourg:

Bock Casemates

The Bock Casemates are a picturesque collection of rock galleries and passages carved by the Spaniards between 1737 and 1746. Over the years that followed, the casemates have housed everything from garrisons and bakeries to slaughterhouses.

Old Quarter

The old quarters and fortifications of the city of Luxembourg are UNESCO World Heritage Listed and are full of beautiful architectural details and remain as a great example of military ingenuity.

Chateau Beaufort

Behind the village of Beaufort and set across a beautiful valley lies a ruinous and imposing five storey medieval castle. While there is no interior to marvel at, the structure is still a fascinating place to visit and has many levels for you to explore.

Vianden Castle

Referred to as the most beautiful castle in Luxembourg, Vianden Castle  is a mere 50km away from the Luxembourg city centre and is easily reached by train or bus, making it a great choice for a day excursion.

City Promenade Walking Tour

This is a great option if you’re looking to familiarise yourself with the city at the start of your visit to Luxembourg. The international nature of the city means the tour is given in a range of languages and you are guaranteed to leave the experience with a great deal of knowledge and trivia about the city.

Luxembourg During the National Holiday

Seeing Luxembourg during its National Holiday weekend is said to be a more lively experience with lots of people, food and drink stalls, street performers and huge firework displays. There are a whole host of great firework viewing points too- you are in for a big celebratory explosion of fun and colour!

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