A Historical & Cultural Visit To Krakow


The second largest city in Poland, Krakow is famous for its unique blend of authentic Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Although there are traces of the city’s tragic World War II history, Krakow today is a celebration of the present. Visiting Krakow is the perfect opportunity for you and your family to visit a number of museums that offer a glimpse into the culture and history of the city. There is a wealth of restaurants, cafés and bars to discover and enjoy a thriving music scene with everything from classical to folk.

Poland is a member state of the European Union and also of the EHIC scheme. Which means you should definitely apply for your European Health Insurance Card renewal before you go, then you’ll be entitled to free or reduced healthcare should you fall ill while you’re travelling abroad.  Although a member of the EU, Poland do not accept the Euro as their currency, so remember to change you money into Zloty (their own currency) ahead of time.

Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum

Tourists regularly take a walk through one of the darkest moments in history in a place that has become a symbol of terror and genocide from the Holocaust. There are two parts of the museum: Auschwitz I which is the original and oldest part of the camp which held around 20,000 prisoners, and Auschwitz II, Birkenau which held more than 90,000 prisoners in 1944. The majority of gas chambers and murder apparatus were built here and most of the victims lost their lives here too.

The Old Town

The focal point for the majority of tourists due to the towering Gothic churches and the vast Rynek Glówny market square, the largest in Poland. Just outside the Old Town lies Kazimierz, the former Jewish quarter that is still home to a number of stunning synagogues that reflect the difficult past of the Jewish community. For anyone looking for a different perspective, you can visit many communities on the outskirts of Krakow and away from the popular tourist spots that provide and insight into the day to day genuine Polish culture.

Contemporary Poland

Krakow, and Poland in general, is simply incredible especially when you consider they stand tall despite the many years of World War II and Soviet occupation. Since then, Poland has strived to move forward and create the ultimate modern city that is now densely packed with a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs to be explored via the narrow alleyways that snake between them. Don’t be afraid to step inside on the many bars and pubs and have a chat with the many friendly locals and enjoy the favourite, local drinks.

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