A Guide To The Best Vineyards In Italy


It seems there is very little the Italians can’t do, and this is particularly true when it comes to their vineyards and wine production. The Italian countryside is filled with forests, peaks, gorges and woodland, but it is its man-made taming of the landscape to create the fields that are filled with rows upon rows of pale green grape vines that make Italy such an exciting place to explore for wine-lovers. There are few places better in the world to soak up the sun and gaze in awe at the synchronicity of the men hard at work tending to their grapes while the air fills with the scent of their sweet scent. Each Italian winery has its own origin and story to tell- just ask its owners and workers who often go to great lengths to demonstrate their love and passion for their profession. If you’re looking to take to the Italian hills in search of some fine wines, then let us be your guide…


Planeta has been going strong for seventeen generations and is a household name in Sicily. With six different estates, this winery will keep any wine connoisseur entertained. The vineyards here make up a total area of 363 hectares and grow all sorts of grapes from the more obscure to the internationally acclaimed.

Tenuta Di Castelbuono

The unusual architecture of Tenuta Di Castelbuono has earn it’s the Wonderful Winery prize and was designed by renowned Italian artist, Arnaldo Pomodoro. The architecture is a reflection of the hilly landscape that surrounds it as the artists didn’t want the building to disrupt the nature it would sit in.


Librandi takes great care in preserving its fascinating Greek history and takes great care in producing the best wines from its rich and colourful land. This vineyard is located between the seaside and some mountains, giving it a unique climate that is perfect for producing healthy and tasty grapes.

Redaelli De Zinis

Located on Larke Gards itself, Redaelli De Zinis is a winery that has committed itself to avoiding machinery in the production of their wines. Their ethical and environmental approach is encouraged by their desire to not hard the natural landscape the area is situated in. With its history dating back 5 generations to the 18th century, you are guaranteed great quality wine and an unmistakable flavour.

Marchesi Di Barolo

Barolo, as any avid wine lover would know, is one of the most renowned and highest quality wines that Italy has to offer. Barolo wine is a deep and enriching red colour and draws its name from the town in which it is produced.


Mastroberardino was established in 1878 and is led by a historic family that still maintains its passion for wine and local area. This winery dates back 10 generations and each has ramped up the winery’s technological innovations along the way. Some of its grapes date back to the Roman or Greek eras too!

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