3 late summer European break ideas

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Picture this: you’ve been slaving away for most of the summer in the office, but now there is some light at the end of the tunnel – a couple of weeks off! But with nothing booked or planned, you are stuck for ideas of where to retreat for a summer break on the continent. As we head into July, that will be the scenario many Brits are faced with, so before you put off your European Health Insurance Card renewal, here are three ideas for a late summer break:

1. South of France

When football fans leave France after the culmination of the European Championships, you are likely to see both an absence of rowdy hordes and a significant drop in prices. This will certainly be the case in and around the delightful French Riviera, where the towns and villages around the city of Nice offer a glamorous yet tranquil backdrop for pleasant walks along the promenades, yacht cruises at sunset, and some excellent French cuisine.

2. Croatia

With its expanded series of summer music festivals, rich history and stunning scenery, Croatia ticks the boxes of families, groups of friends, couples, and just about anybody! Mountains, beaches, forests and a kind climate to boot mean that even if you visit in September, you are likely to be greeted by the Adriatic sunshine that makes this country a world away from home. And then there is the price – compare Croatia to many Mediterranean destinations, such as Spain, and you will discover that you get more for your money by travelling that little bit further.

3. Sweden

If you are going to visit Scandinavia, summer is surely your best bet. With temperatures hospitable compared to the harsh winters, Sweden even experiences midnight sunshine in some parts – something you may only see once in a lifetime! Lakes, beautiful nature reserves and forests mean there is no shortage of places to find that peace and quiet you have been yearning for, and if you feel like venturing into the city, Stockholm is one of Northern Europe’s fashion capitals.

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Photo: Sea view. Rovinj, Croatia by akk_rus licensed under Creative commons 2

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