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European Health Insurance Card Renewal

Are you planning on travelling to Europe? Do you have a European Health Insurance Card renewal (EHIC)? Are the details on your card up to date? Your EHIC is your key to receiving prompt, free medical care when visiting continental nations. It lasts for five years from the date of issue, and is valid so long as the details on the card are true and accurate. If you do not have your EHIC card or if it has expired, you could find yourself liable for the whole cost of your treatment.

The European Health Insurance card renewal scheme gives UK residents with a valid card access to free or reduced cost treatment at any state facility in 30 countries. Because European Health Insurance Card renewal is due every five years, it is recommended that you keep your card up to date, even if you are not planning to travel right away. Instead of rushing to get your card at the last minute and getting held up by delays, be ready for any eventuality and renew your card as soon as it expires.

Your EHIC renewal will also need renewing if you change your official name or your address. Remember to update your card when you get married and when you move home. If you share your home – and your holidays – with someone, then make sure your partner also has a valid EHIC. If your family grows and little ones come along, they will also need their own EHIC renewal for travelling abroad. Anyone planning to travel in charge of a group, for example on a guided tour or school trip, should remind each participant to get their EHIC up to date before you all depart for Europe.

Applying for a European health insurance card

Whether this is your first EHIC application or a renewal of an existing card, the process you follow is very much the same. You can apply for your whole family at the same time, which is recommended if you want to make keeping track of renewal much easier: reapplying for everyone on the same date is simple and straightforward. Renewing your European Health Insurance Card is simple and can be done online today with just a few clicks. You can also call up and request EU health card renewal over the telephone. The European Health Insurance Card renewal scheme is part of the National Health Service, and available to those who are resident in the UK and part of the mandatory national contribution scheme. The NHS can take and process your application, via their online service or by email. However, this ‘DIY’ process is open to delays caused by incorrect forms and other clerical errors, so more people than ever are turning to third party sites who specialise in European Health Insurance Card renewal applications.

Sign up now for help with your applications and a verified application check that guarantees a smooth, simple process when you renew your EHIC. Remember that each member of your household will need their own European Health Insurance Card when travelling, so be sure to have your partner and children’s details ready as well. We can help you through the process and prevent the delays rejected applications cause by auditing your application for errors and handling all verification checks – sign up online and get started right now.

Why is renewing a European health insurance card important?

All of the European Union nations take part in the European health insurance programme, and Switzerland is also a participant. It ensures that EU citizens can always access treatment for illnesses and injuries which occur abroad. While some nations, such as the UK, have emergency healthcare which is free at the point of service, other countries have charges in place for treatments. If you’re suddenly taken ill while in a foreign country, you could find yourself hit with huge medical bills, unless you have the right insurance cover. Travel insurance can mitigate some of your losses, but a valid EHIC could avoid those costs altogether – saving you a lot of stress and worry.

At a time when you are feeling ill or concerned for a family member, you don’t need the added worry of how to pay for treatment you cannot afford. You have the right to treatment in the EU as a citizen of the UK: but you must be able to prove who you are in order to get the care you need. By carrying a valid EHIC at all times and ensuring the rest of your family or travelling group has one too, you can seek medical care with confidence during any stage of your European trip. If you have not got a European health insurance card right now, make sure you sign up today and apply to give yourself five years of free EHI cover in 30 continental countries.

Get started today, with our quick and simple online application...